The Predator on East 7th Street

A while ago, I was walking down East 7th Street in the East Village when I suddenly got the feeling I was being watched. I glanced over…


…and realized it was Predator.


Now, running into Predator on a New York City street isn’t that strange in and of itself. But this Predator is special for one reason in particular…


It’s made entirely out of motorcycle parts and scrap metal:


Predator is the work of the Thai-based scrap metal artists Metal Park, and according to this article, took over three months to assemble.


Taking a closer look, you’ll see Predator is an insane jumble of chains, bolts, cogs, springs, spark plugs, and other random doodads, all carefully arranged to form the 8-foot, 900 pound sculpture.


A closer look at Predator’s claw/blade:


Note the piping used to form Predator’s trademark braids:


And of course, Predator’s shoulder cannon:


In a way, this Predator is almost more frightening than the real thing:


A close-up of Predator’s thigh:


Best of all, Predator even has a little pet…


A miniature alien on a leash!


Predator has actually been in front of Tokio 7 since 2011, so shame on me for not noticing it sooner. You can check out Metal Park’s other Predator and Alien-inspired weldings on their website here.


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