The Psychedelic Bus Dog

I frequently drive past this parking lot at Kent and Broadway in Williamsburg. Whenever I pass, I notice the psychedelic bus parked there…

Bus Dog 01

…and I wonder: what’s the story with the pit bull sitting in the second to last seat?

Bus Dog 02

He’s always there, staring morosely out the window at passing cars. I’d say he’s a guard dog, except there’s really nothing to guard in this parking lot.

Well, except the psychedelic bus.


PS – He is alive! I saw him move once.

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  1. Hmmmm. Perhaps, it’s the ghost of a dog that used to ride the psychedelic bus with hippies?

  2. Is he definitely alive? Because he looks a lot like that RCA Victor “His Master’s Voice” dog!

  3. He looks like a cardboard cutout!

  4. Hell of big dog house eh?!

  5. He’s the Heir of the Dog that bit the 60’s generation…

  6. I walk up Kent Ave all the time, never noticed the dog though.

    I did notice that they moved the bus to the other side of the parking lot though!

    Here’s one of my shots:

  7. Was walking up Kent this morning, and noticed that not only had the bus been moved, it had disappeared!!! As I continued on my walk I saw it parked across from the big lumberyard on West St not too far from the old Greenpoint Terminal Market…

    And that dog barking away!!!

  8. I just saw this bus on Wythe Avenue, behind Automotive High School (so quite a bit north from where it used to be) And the dog was in the bus! He’s definitely alive although I can’t say I’m psyched about his living situation.

  9. The bus runs off vegetable oil and it’ll be coming along with us as we skate across the country. The dogs are cool and loving the attention.