The Prettiest Cab Stand In New York

I swear I’ve gone by the Yakuel cab stand on 12th Street and the Queensboro Bridge a million times without ever looking inside.


Other than the bright new paint job and the nice potted plants, it really doesn’t seem any different from most cab stands in this area of Queens.


Except, the plants outside…


…are nothing compared to what’s inside:


The entire place is overflowing with plantlife!


I love the plants lining this service aisle:


Also, very neat to see the hanging rubber hoses intermixed with vines and tendrils:


In 2008, the Yakuel Taxi Stand was the site of Bloomberg’s announcement of green cab subsidies – maybe this has something to do with the flora overload?


Without a doubt, the prettiest cab stand I’ve ever seen in New York City:


Guess the gritty 1970’s archetypal NY cab stand is going extinct?


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  1. Holy Crap! I had no idea.

  2. Is this space actually used for servicing taxis? The floor looks cleaner than any vehicle repair shop I’ve ever seen, and it’s also difficult to imagine how all those plants don’t get in the way of workers.

  3. Hey Scout. funnily enough, the Ferrari factory in Italy looks very similar with potted plants all over. Apparently it helps to stabilize the humidity, or some such guff. I just think it’s nice to work with lotsa plants around! And Peter, a clean workshop is a happy workshop. Trust me!

  4. Great pic’s Scout! You sure know how to find hidden gems. Thanks
    for brightening my day (again.)

  5. That owner/boss knows how to keep the air clean for workers AND create a nice work environment. As for cleanliness. I’m w/Ben. Cleanliness means you’ll spot problems sooner. That small oil drop or radiator fluid leak can show a problem and be caught sooner if the floor’s clean. Working SMART.

  6. You are something else! This was great. Please come to Staten Island, we have some gems out here I’ll say!

  7. Wow! Those plants (variegated philodendron commonly called pathos) are excellent at purifying/filtering the air. Someone’s really looking out for the mechanics’ health.

  8. Um, I can’t help but ask: Are the plants real or artificial? They look really good!

  9. Those hanging plants are called pothos – and they are well known for their air-scrubbing capabilities. They remove impurities and pump out oxygen. Good to have in a garage.

  10. Wow! I’d hate to be the guy who has to walk around and water all of those. I read an article recently that said people who have live plants in their offices are more efficient workers. Looks like they took that concept to a whole new level.

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