The Rooftop Cruise Ship…Wait, What?

There really isn’t any better way to describe it: look at the building on Water Street between Beekman & Peck Slip…

Cruise 01

And you’ll see a rooftop structure that can only be described as cruise ship-inspired architecture:

Cruise 02

The addition is appropriate to the building when you learn it is home to the Seamen’s Church Institute of New York & New Jersey, an advocacy group for seamen founded in 1834.

Here is what would be considered the front of the ship, complete with a front deck and bell…

Cruise 03

…While the rear features a smoke stack like structure:

Cruise 04

Finally, perched on top is a mast-like flagpole:

Cruise 06

Lit up at night, it almost seems like the brick buildings below are miraculously giving birth to a cruise ship (picture courtesy the Seamen’s Institute website):

Some might find this to be too eccentric or gaudy for the neighborhood, but I gotta admit, I enjoy seeing it every time I drive by on Pearl Street. FYI to anyone looking, the top floors are largely an event space, and the wrap-around deck gives a pretty neat view of Manhattan. Definitely contact them for any filming considerations here.


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  1. What a terrific event space!! I’d love to see the interiors.

  2. There’s a building like that in the “Columbia St. Waterfront District” too.

  3. You can see the inside *and* feel like you’re really on a ship: “Chantey Sings” meets there monthly. At least they used to, I haven’t been for a while. Check out their site:

    I know they also rent the space for various events, weddings, etc.

  4. Go to the Event Rentals portion of the Seamen’s Church Institute’s website ( to see some more photos. There’s even a photo gallery of some past events held on the building’s “Top Deck,” the sixth floor, with wraparound windows and views of downtown and the Brooklyn Bridge.

  5. When I first moved to NYC I was renting a room at NYU’s dorm on Water street and used to admire this apartment.