The Sign-Eating Tree of Richmond Hill

I was scouting in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens today when I saw this tree that appears to be devouring its “SLOW – CHILDREN AT PLAY” sign.

Tree 01

I’ve seen signs with bark wrap-over before, but here it seems like the tree is on the verge of gulping the sign down.

Tree 02

From the side, you can see how far the bark has had to creep to get over the sign.  Not much further to go.

Tree 03

Awesome…One wonders how many trees are hiding street signs under their bark…


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  1. I suddenly had a presage of how human civilization will end…

  2. At least to my eye that sign is Porcelain so I would guess that its been attached to that tree for the better part of 70 to 80 years.


  3. There’s a hungry tree near the Graham Avenue L stop in Williamsburg, too. Can’t remember for the life of me if it’s on Ainslie or Devoe, but I’ve passed it a few times now.

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  5. there are a couple of these in soho as well