The Tiniest Church in Manhattan

Just a cute bit I noticed while walking down Great Jones Street today…


On the firehouse, I saw something peeking from behind this light…


The tiniest church in Noho!


Hope the birds appreciate the free rent…

Locations contest winners to be announced Friday!


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  1. Did you ever notice the remains of a real church just some doors down?

  2. yeah, scout… though it is technically north of little italy, great jones is very much in noho. and considering how tiny that designation is, noho needs every block it can claim…

  3. That’s the firehouse we shot as a location for “Frequency”.

  4. Sebastian – I have, and have been meaning to do a post on it forever…The lighting is always terrible whenever I go to take pictures. One of these days…

    Garth and Eric – my bad, should really stop writing these things up after midnight…

  5. Funny thing about this firehouse is that the same architects built an economy version of it on 518 W. 170th Street.

  6. One more thing: I work one block down, on Bond Street, and it seems that every other week that street is hijacked by a film crew, including their large dressing room trucks and catering stands. What’s the deal with Bond Street?

  7. Great building, designed by Flagg & Chambers – Earnest Flag also did the Scribner’s Building on 5th Avenue, with a similar great arch. I believe this was the home of the Fire Commisioner when it built.