There’s A Subway Car Inside This Manhattan Office

Last week, I was scouting some studio spaces in a Chelsea office building when I happened to notice a vacant office across the hall.


Normally, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, except something in the room happened to catch my eye…


…was that a subway car inside??


It was a subway car! Or at least, a pretty creative replica of one…


…right down to those chains they always have at the front…


…and the yellow warning line on the platform:


The train is actually divided inside into a series of offices…


…each equipped with sliding stainless-steel doors:


Doing some quick research, I learned that this used to be the offices of B-Train Films (which pretty much explains everything), a production company specializing in sports production (they’ve since moved on to a new office space).


Very curious to see if the next tenants decide to keep their very own indoor subway train.


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  1. After checking out your post, I thought this would also be a great idea for an elevator foyer/bank!

  2. Did they smell like urine?

  3. That’s a replica. And I agree, it would be an awesome elevator bank!

  4. Does “B-Train Films” specialize in “B movies”? Was it involved in Seinfeld’s “Bee Movie”?

  5. The Google offices in Chelsea at 111 8th Avenue also have subway cars as meeting rooms. Didn’t know it was this popular.

  6. hmmm, not so sure about this one. The subway looks way too fake, I’d rip it out in a heartbeat. after much thought I’ve concluded that it’s embarrassing.

  7. It’s a little goofy, really…if they had somehow integrated some real hardware into the space, that would be cool, but this replica is neither realistic nor an interesting-but-less-realistic interpretation. It’s just a clunky, strange indulgence by the previous occupant.

  8. They probably moved because their work was always late, and they got tired of blaming some anonymous “sick passenger”.

  9. Which came first, the columns or the subway cars?

  10. This reminds me a this crazy guy near Toronto.
    Check out the video.

  11. this gives me such a case of deja vu

    • and this just made me completely freak out, because I had TOTALLY forgotten about this. Wow – I’m clearly losing my mind (or at least, have run out of space).

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  13. This would be a cool office space. Add some lights to those cars and you would have a neat conversation piece when clients are visiting!