The Wall Street Fish

I love that thousands of New Yorkers go about their business every day unaware of the countless eyes watching from the skies. Case in point: this building I noticed while scouting a rooftop near Wall Street:

Fish 01

They’re virtually impossible to see from the street, but lining the top floor is a row of fish.

Fish 02

Maybe they act as some sort of drainage for the balcony, or maybe they were just installed as decoration…But for whose benefit?

Fish 03

As a side note, I’d love to know if that top floor is a private apartment; that 360° balcony view looks pretty damn amazing.


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  1. Super, damn cool. Oooh, if ever they do the actual Aquaman movie, maybe he could live there.

    It’s like the Fred F. French Building in Midtown – when I discovered their upper floors (as seen from Top of the Rock), I was totally amazed that they were so detailed. I guess it’s from a time when the buildings had room to breathe, and you could actually look up from a distance and see the ornamentation.

    I do love when I go to clients in supertalls in Midtown, because they have the best views, particularly from their conference rooms. (The Verizon building, the Reuters conference room, the Bertelsmann upper floors, the Hachette Filipacci building, etc.).

    Sorry. I do wax on. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this one…

  2. Lovely! I just discovered your blog last week–I’m not even sure how…BoingBoing?–and am enjoying it enormously. I have a similar love for this city and all the myriad little wonders it contains.

    On the subject of the 360-degree balcony…are you familiar with the wooden house on top of the Kiehl’s building on 3rd Avenue and 13th St? They’re not as high up, but they have something very similar. I take people to the SW corner of that intersection all the time to show off that house–I would just about kill to live up there!

  3. It looks like 63 Wall Street to me — the old Brown Bros Harriman building (where Prescott Bush had an office). Never noticed the flying fish before, though; many thanks.

  4. is that not the exterior they used for anthony hopkins’ apt in ‘meet joe black’?

  5. yes it is 63 wall. It’s an apt building. And yes, that top floor is an apt. Last time I checked it was renting for 10k.