Tour The Incredible Valencia Movie Palace On May 25


Hey everyone –

If you’re interested in taking a tour of the incredible Valencia Movie Palace, the Tabernacle of Prayer church will be conducting a tour on Saturday, May 25th, at 11 AM. Space is by appointment only – contact Sister Forbes at 718-657-4210 ext. 20 to sign up. This is 100% set in stone, so if you’re on the list, you will definitely get to see the space in full.

Also, if you attend, might I suggest making a donation to the church? The former theater has been immaculately maintained for decades now in a way that is simply staggering, and large or small, I’m sure they would appreciate anything you could offer.


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  1. ok, signed up with Sister Forbes, who sounds lovely. See you there!

  2. Ugh, it’s Memorial Day weekend. I wish we could have done this in February; I would have registered in a heartbeat. Thank you for arranging though, I’m sure they will get a good turnout.

  3. Took the tour that day with my husband, two sisters and brother-in-law, and shot nearly 200 pictures! Sister Forbes was a wonderful tour guide, so warm and welcoming and enthusiastic. There was a great turnout despite the miserable weather. It really is a wonderful place. They had a nice surprise for us as we were sitting in the theater after Sister Forbes had concluded her talk about the Valencia’s history. The theater darkened and then the twinkling lights in the “sky” above us came on, having just been repaired. My older sister, who remembered attending a movie at the Valencia as child, pointed out mosaic-tiled basin the lobby, which she said was a goldfish pond at the time, and Sister Forbes said they were trying to restore that to its original use as well. So, I strongly encourage everyone to attend the next tour, and even if you can’t, send a donation to the church to aid them in their good works and in their preservation of an architectural treasure.