Tour The Incredible Valencia Movie Palace This Saturday!!

Just received word that the Tabernacle of Prayer church will be offering a rare tour of the unbelievable Valencia movie palace (read my full post here) THIS SATURDAY, September 27th, at 11am. My advice? YOU SHOULD GO!


Tours are by appointment only – contact Sister Forbes at 718-657-4210 ext. 20 to sign up and for further details. The tour is free, but if you’re planning on going, please please please consider making a donation to the church. They have worked tirelessly for decades to keep the movie palace in such excellent condition, and any help you can offer will go a long way.

I make one guarantee about the Valencia: you will never forget your first visit.

Just got back from vacation, new posts coming soon!


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  1. Darn! This is the 2nd tour I cannot attend! I’ll be out of the country! However, I am happy to see that this may be a recurring event so I will keep my fingers crossed for the next possible tour! For everyone who is able to go…enjoy it for me!

  2. Please go east-coasters, and take lots of photos to post for us envious west-coasters!

  3. Thanks SOOOOOO much for posting this! I made reservations to go this weekend. Can’t wait! Your blog is the best.

  4. Thanks for posting this – I made a reservation!!!

  5. yes, thanks for posting. I will be there in the morning.

  6. Hey.
    Thanks for the info. The tour was great and was a photographers dream. Great people too.
    Thanks again.

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