Weekend Discussion: What’s The Sexiest Thing You’ve Ever Seen In NYC?

Today, I happened to drive past Agent Provocateur, a ridiculously expensive high-end lingerie shop in Soho, when suddenly, I was reminded of an incident that occurred a couple of years ago. In fact, thinking back, it may be one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen in New York.


It was a windy, chilly autumn night. I was out scouting late, and happened to turn down Mercer Street.

I was passing by Agent Provocateur when the door opened and a gorgeous blond came out. A perfect 10, could have easily been a supermodel. Not that that’s unusual in Soho…

Except, what caught my eye was that the woman was wearing a fashionable grey trench coat. This sort of made her look like a detective, and for a second, I was amused by the idea of a detective coming out of a place called Agent Provocateur.

The woman went to the curb and hailed a cab, and just as she was getting in, a big gust of wind blew back her trench coat…

Revealing the fact that all she was wearing underneath was the lingerie she had presumably just bought at Agent Provocateur.

And I don’t mean your typical bra and thong from Victoria’s Secret. This was full on Agent Provocateur get-up: garter and thigh-highs, the vintage-looking lingerie…Pretty much any of these probably-NSFW pictures gives you an idea of what she looked like. I did the math from their site, and it must have easily been a $500+ ensemble.

She got in the cab and disappeared into the night. I looked around and realized I was the only one who had seen her.

To me, the sexy part was not seeing a near-naked woman, but in all the questions it raised: Where was she going? Who was she going to see? Had some rich lover given her a credit card and told her to go wild? Or was this a gift for someone? And most importantly: what the hell had she worn into the store?? (If I remember right, she left carrying a shopping bag, which I imagine had her clothes in it).

As I was remembering the incident, I started thinking that a zillion moments like this must happen every day in New York. And in a city as big as this, someone always happens to catch a glimpse.

So I turn it over to you: What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen in New York City? Your personal definition of the word “sexy” is all that matters (remember: sexy, not raunchy). Can be something that happened yesterday or from thirty years ago. Feel free to pick a fake commenter name, and by all means, turn any first hand experiences into third person if you’d like.


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  1. I’ve never been to New York buy the windy streets of Sydney Australia make a good analogue. When I was a teen I was walking towards an alley way where there was a big cross draft. There was an attractive, very well dressed lady walking towards me. A big gust of wind blew her skirt up and she was wearing nothing underneath. She gave me a cheeky smile and just kept going. She blew my teenage mind lol.

  2. Reminds me of the video for The Chauffeur by Duran Duran:

    (also NSFW)

  3. Damn, now I want to go Scouting New York!

  4. Sexiest thing I have ever seen in the City?

    My wife.

  5. @GonzoPhoto

    Beyond Lame.

  6. After lifetime of living in this city on the isle Manhattan, I can only conclude that I’ve had more than two lifetime’s worth of sexy moments and that there are far too many “sexiest things” to elaborate on. Put you tongues back in your mouths, boys, this is a place for grownups.

    • Hey Native, your comment was directed at guys as if all the stories are about women, but for the record, I meant this as an equal opportunity post! If there’s a sexy story about a guy doing something, by all means, let’s here it!

  7. The soccer league that I saw playing at the Chelsea Waterside Park last night was pretty sexy. Must be all this Olympic athleticism going on.

  8. I live in Ottawa – nothing sexy in this place; and I’ve only ever spent a few hours in NYC. However, I was so excited to be there I thought the whole city was sexy.

    @GonzoPhoto, some of us appreciate your sentiment!

    @Scout, as always – love you, love your site!

  9. I was walking down a street on the Lower East Side just after dawn one morning many years ago when I happened to look up and saw a naked woman with long red hair leaning out of her tenement window soaking up the early morning sun, a big smile on her face.

  10. I don’t know if I could bring myself to pay $500 for underwear.

  11. Back in the days before 9/11 and increased security, there was a way to get out on top of the Empire State Building at the base of the dirigible tower (5 or so floors above the 86th floor deck, not the top of the tower) At night you would see the flashes from tourist cameras below you and news copters hovering around at the same altitude as you. Quite a rush. The only thing sexier than standing in the open breeze above the city you love is sharing the experience. It was narrow, but there was room to “operate”.

  12. As I haven’t been around the East Village or Union Square lately I haven’t encountered Moira Johnson, and … oh wait, that’s about as “sexy” as a cement block. Never mind.

  13. David Bowie smoking a cigarette at an Uncle Floyd show at The Bottom Line circa 1983.

  14. @Lawlborough – One should never EVER even considering actually paying for such lingerie yourself. The idea of the benfactor with the black Amex is what makes it work.

  15. I’m lucky enough to spend a lot of time in lower Manhattan, mostly in the East Village and Soho, so I tend to appreciate these sexy moments but take them for granted without really committing them to memory.
    But I do recall one recent evening on Lafayette St. when on every other corner I passed I saw a couple making out. Nothing over the top, just kissing and looking into each others eyes. I was especially struck by the fact that the three couples I saw were: a lesbian couple, 2 gay men, and a straight inter-racial couple.
    I smiled, shook my head, and said a prayer of thanks that I live in NYC. There was definitely something in the air that night.

  16. Whenever a new hotel opens there always seem to be all kinds shenanigans going for the first couple of months. When they built the Hotel Mondrian behind our office we had a few months of non-stop cavorting.

    But the sexiest was definitely the three-way lingerie-clad pillow fight between a few young women in New York (presumably for the first time, as most NYers would have pulled the blinds).

    Just another reminder that most people’s private fantasies are ripped off from second-rate McG movies.

    Or there is always the possibility they were paid. There were all kinds of rumors when the Standard opened that the hotel had hired people to “perform” in the windows. I don’t buy it. You don’t have to pay New Yorkers to have sex in windows.

  17. Walking down Steinway st in Queens. Theres this little boutique shop called Cali Caliente and across this gem. http://imgur.com/b8flH

  18. It was May 20 and I was taking pictures on the Upper East Side. As I was walking along, all of a sudden a tall beautiful blonde woman walked out of a clothing store. She was wearing a sundress and fashionable shoes. I slowed down and allowed myself to gaze upon her. My eyes didn’t leave her frame until she was in a cab and on her way….somewhere.

  19. West 34th Street and 6th Ave, Walking home from work passing a fenced off back of a parking lot a woman squatted in front of a gentlemen giving him a blow job in a perfect back lit silhouette, it was too early for the professionals to come out so I guess it was a secretary/boss thing

  20. Some really great finds…!

  21. Girls in sundresses in Central Park in the Summer. Nothing better.