The Sideways Library

When is a bookcase not a bookcase? When it’s the floor…


..and ceiling and walls to D’Espresso cafe at 317 Madison Ave, famous for having been designed as a library turned sideways!


I was a little disappointed when I first went saw it in person that the designer had used images of books instead of the real thing – nothing would be cooler than actual hard cover books (under glass of course) wrapping around (also, wouldn’t it have been great if there were a few items on the hardwood “floor”?). Still, very cool regardless – there’s also a location at 100 Stanton, and apparently more to come.


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  1. I’ll have to check that out. Congrats, Alex!

  2. Jude from Flushing

    Considering the premium on square feet in Manhattan & the loss from “rentable” to “useable” space, using real books would have been economically unwise. Great effect anyway!

  3. What’s with the d-bag barista? He has to start everyday before work knowing that people are going to take photos inside of the cafe. So why does he look like Scout is peering through his bathroom window and trampling the azaleas?

  4. …not to mention the floorloading requirements if that was the real deal….