Where Racquetballs Go To Die

I’ve been scouting warehouse rooftops in Brooklyn on the East River recently. Though this one in Greenpoint has a pretty great view…

Roof 01

…what really impressed me is that I had apparently stumbled into racquetball heaven!

Roof 02

There were dozens and dozens of racquetballs all over the roof, which I can only assume are from kids playing handball against the warehouse wall. More racquetballs…

Roof 03

…Still more…

Roof 04

…and more…

Roof 05

I know what you’re thinking – these don’t look like racquetballs, they’re white and pruney instead of blue and smooth.

Roof 06b

Thing is, I think they were once normal racquetballs…

Roof 07

…but over time, they started to fade and rot…

Roof 08

…ultimately becoming what can only be described as ghost racquetballs.

Roof 09

At least, this is my theory. Or have I been fooled by yet another Greenpoint/Williamsburg art installation?


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  1. lots of indian people play cricket in those riverside alleys in greenpoint, so they may be cricket balls (not that i know if a cricket ball is different from a raquet ball)

  2. This is straight out of the Tom Hanks et al documentary from the Earth to the Moon on HBO. In the episode on designing the LEM, the protagonist had conversations outside throwing handballs against a wall. From time to time, he would lose one on the roof. The final scene (I think, though it may have been earlier) was a pan back from the building to show a zillion handballs on the roof.

  3. The ghost of raquetballs past. Greenpoint is full of great stuff and has the most superlative views of Manhattan.

  4. Would you happen to know or remember where the exact location. Would love to go there for a photoshoot. Is it accessible? Awesome find!

  5. @ryan
    Cricket balls are MASSIVELY different from racketballs. Think large, red baseballs, and you’ll be thinking along the right lines.