Where Will Bret and Jemaine Live??

In the final episode of HBO’s incredible series Flight of the Conchords, New Zealand folk duo Bret and Jemaine were evicted from their apartment at 28 Henry Street in Chinatown and forced to return to New Zealand. Will they return to New York for a third season? No one seems to know…

Flight 01

…but they might have to find new digs if they do. Biking past their building this weekend, I noticed a very serious looking VACATE order posted on the door.

Flight 02

I might be wrong, but it seemed like people were around when I was taking pictures…So maybe the danger has passed? Anyway, the idea of Bret and Jemaine returning home to find a posting warning of dangers “imminently perilous to life” seemed very Conchordian to me.


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  1. it’s not Jermaine, but Jemaine, there is no “r”.

  2. I really enjoyed browsing your blog today. You’ve taken some great pictures. I’m a big fan of cool and unusual architecture. I envy you living in a city with so many great structures.

  3. Its not brett its just Bret. Only one “t”. Just sayin.

    I love you Jem!

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