I Should Really Be Driving This Car

I’m speechless…


I wish I could say that this is the new “SCOUTING NY” official website car, but it’s not. It was sent to me today by frequent reader Jack, who noticed it in Williamsburg.

Who is this impostor, and how could he be so insidious as to steal my monicker for his car doors?? And frankly, is this the best we can do for a Scoutmobile? I mean, it’s certainly fuel efficient and bio-friendly, but it’s sort of a far cry from, say, the Batmobile.

As it turns out, New York has its own street monitoring division known as SCOUT, or “Street Condition Observation UniT,” and this is part of its fleet. From the NYC website:

The Street Condition Observation Unit (SCOUT) is comprised of 15 inspectors who report to the Mayor’s Office of Operations. The inspectors are charged with driving every New York City street every month of the year. While surveying city streets, inspectors report visually-identifiable street conditions into a hand-held device that wirelessly transmits the data to the Mayor’s Office.

Well, that’s that. So if you see a NYC Scout car driving around, it’s not me behind the wheel…yet…


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  1. Haha, wow…they should give you one!

  2. Woah, nice find. That’s a Mini E:

  3. And here I was getting all jealous that you got your own adventure car while I’m still waiting for the Retro RoadmapMobile to appear! 😉