Yonkers Fears Oprah Can’t Be Stopped

I’ve been scouting neighborhoods up in Yonkers recently (made all the more fun by kids off from school on a snow day trying to hit me with snowballs – thanks, kids!). As I was driving around last week, I started to notice something strange…


Someone has been going around and writing “You can’t stop Oprah!” on all the stop signs!


I figured the first was just an isolated occurrence, until I was halfway across town and spotted another! By the end of the day, I’d seen several more.


The grafftier changed the emphasis on each one, which I really like. For example, in the two pictures above: “You can’t stop Oprah!” (Oprah as a force is unstoppable) vs. “You can’t stop Oprah!!” (maybe someone can stop Oprah, but you personally don’t have the power).

So anyone know anything more??


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  1. I personally think Oprah did it 😉

  2. After a long day of football, the question is: can you even hope to contain her?

  3. Not sure why you phrase it “Yonkers *Fears* Oprah Can’t be Stopped”. These looked more celebratory in tone to me.

  4. I agree with Lisa M., Oprah did it; further proof thatshe can’t be stopped. If she didn’t she should,cheap and clever marketing, think of the possibilies…..

  5. I’m scarcely a graphologist, but it looks to me as if the handwriting on the two highlighted signs isn’t the same.


  7. No. The handwriting is the same. Just a different time, place, angle and access. Definitely the same person though. Oh Oprah, you scoundrel! We don’t want to stop you!

    Yes, I agree with Henry. When I saw the word “fears”, I thought Oprah was buying up all the real estate in the area or something. Sorta like NYU & Columbia.

  8. My best guess is that Oprah can’t be stopped.

  9. Oprah visited Yonkers last year with Mary J. Blige. So either the signs were from last year or Oprah is returning?

  10. Oprah visited Yonkers last year with Mary J. Blige. So either the signs were from last year or Oprah is returning?

  11. New graffiti. I saw the ones you have pictured above as well. I will let you know if I see any others.

  12. Since I’m probably the only person in the ocuntry who has never watched an Oprah show, I have no opinion on whether she can be stopped, or even on what started her off in the first place. But my favorite Yonkers neighborhood is Park Hill, especially with the relic of the inclined railway up the cliff.