You’re Never Alone

I was taking pictures on an empty side-street in Queens near the East River when I suddenly noticed these five guys staring at me from the back of a truck.

Truck Guys 1

Haha, OK, it’s obvious in my pictures that it’s just a very high quality photo, but at the time, thinking I was alone, it definitely induced a momentary double-take.

Truck Guys 2

Best truck ad ever.


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  1. that is a great ad!
    by the way, i love your blog. i live in seattle and have always wanted to visit NYC. but alas, i’m broke. 🙂 i keep telling myself i’m going to visit on my next vacation. but in the meantime i’ll just read your blog.

  2. Sweet jaysuz that is brilliant! Creepy but brilliant. I ,at first ,thought how did they manage to sit with such symetry….and look so directly into your lens!

  3. Ha! I thought they were real… Even on the *big size pic* on Flickr, they still look very real. Brilliant!

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